Curated Menu for your Personal Care 

CAN I HAVE A SAY? This was the thought that sparked the creation of Bath Foundry.
Every time we walked along a store’s aisle stocked with personal care products, we often had to settle for what was available on the racks. There were times when we liked a scent but not the ingredients or vice versa. It got us thinking about how the end user can participate in the formulation of their personal care products that are of good quality and which enhances personal well-being.
We started formulating superblends by experimenting with ingredients, fragrance and aromatherapy, challenging the extent to which the end user can have a say in the formulation of their own personal care products.
After hundreds of formulations and experiments with tons of hard work, Bath Foundry was born.
Although a small local start-up but we are dynamic. We study the ingredients and relentlessly scour the world to look for quality ingredients to curate a menu for your own personal blend. Because we care about what you use, we care about you having your say.
And we are made in Singapore.